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Brevo Review: The Best Mailtool in 2024


Score: 5/5 – This is our choice of Mailing Tool for 2024

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This is where Brevo steps in, marking a significant transition from the well-known Sendinblue platform.

In this comprehensive Brevo review, we aim to dive deep into the features, functionalities, and overall user experience offered by this rebranded service.

Understanding the Transition: From Sendinblue to Brevo The rebranding from Sendinblue to Brevo isn’t just a change of name; it represents a shift towards more innovative and user-centric email marketing solutions.

Navigating Through This Brevo Review As we embark on this detailed exploration, we’ll cover everything from the basic framework of Brevo to its advanced features, pricing strategies, and user support systems.

Whether you’re a longstanding Sendinblue user curious about the changes or a newcomer considering Brevo for your marketing needs, this review will provide you with a clear and concise understanding of what to expect.

Setting the Stage for Informed Decisions Choosing the right email marketing tool is crucial for your business’s success. With this review, we aim to equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Stay tuned as we unravel the specifics of Brevo, providing insights into how it can enhance your marketing strategies and help you achieve your communication goals.


The Journey from Sendinblue to Brevo: A Look into History

In the evolving landscape of digital marketing tools, the transformation from Sendinblue to Brevo marks a significant milestone.

This part of the Brevo Review delves into the historical context behind this change, shedding light on how the platform has evolved to meet the growing demands of modern marketers and businesses.

Background and Evolution

Sendinblue, known for its comprehensive email marketing services, set a high standard for automating marketing communications and engaging customers.

As the digital space expanded, so did the needs of its users. Recognizing the need for a more holistic marketing approach, Sendinblue took a significant leap forward, rebranding and expanding its services under the new name: Brevo.

This transformation was not just in name but also in functionality and scope.

The rebranding to Brevo represented a shift towards offering a broader range of marketing tools, aiming to provide an all-encompassing solution for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

Expanding Services

Brevo aims to transcend traditional email marketing boundaries by incorporating more extensive automation, CRM capabilities, and advanced segmentation tools.

This evolution reflects a response to the market’s demand for integrated platforms that can manage multiple aspects of digital marketing within a single ecosystem.

User Experience and Interface Improvements

With the transition from Sendinblue to Brevo, significant enhancements were made to the user interface and overall user experience.

These changes were designed to make the platform more intuitive, thereby reducing the learning curve for new users and enhancing productivity for seasoned marketers.

Adapting to Market Needs

The rebranding and expansion into Brevo signify a strategic adaptation to the ever-changing digital marketing environment.

By evolving its services, the platform aims to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the sophisticated needs of today’s businesses.

Brevo Review – Core Features Overview

In this section of our Brevo Review, we delve into the core features that set Brevo apart as a comprehensive digital marketing platform.

By examining these features, businesses and marketers can better understand how Brevo can fit into their marketing strategy and help achieve their goals.

brevo review
Overview of Brevo dashboard.

Email Marketing and Automation

At its heart, Brevo continues the legacy of Sendinblue by offering robust email marketing solutions.

Users can create, send, and optimize email campaigns with ease. The platform provides an array of customizable email templates, ensuring that messages resonate with your audience.

Moreover, Brevo enhances user experience with advanced automation capabilities, allowing for personalized customer journeys based on user behavior, preferences, and data segmentation.

CRM Integration

Brevo’s customer relationship management (CRM) integration stands out as a core feature, enabling businesses to manage customer interactions effectively.

This integration ensures that all customer data is centralized, providing insights into customer behavior and improving sales and marketing strategies.

The CRM tool is designed to foster better customer relationships, streamline processes, and increase sales efficiency.

Landing Pages and Sign-up Forms

Creating visually appealing landing pages and sign-up forms is made simple with Brevo. These tools are crucial for converting visitors into leads and customers.

Brevo offers a variety of templates and customization options, allowing brands to craft landing pages that align with their aesthetic and conversion goals without needing extensive technical knowledge.

SMS Marketing

Expanding beyond email, Brevo includes SMS marketing capabilities, enabling businesses to reach their audience directly on their mobile devices.

This feature is particularly useful for time-sensitive messages and offers, providing another channel to engage customers and drive conversions.

Analytics and Reporting

No Brevo Review would be complete without mentioning its comprehensive analytics and reporting features.

Brevo provides detailed insights into campaign performance, customer engagement, and website traffic.

These analytics help businesses make data-driven decisions, optimizing their marketing efforts for better results.

Transactional Emails

Brevo excels in managing transactional emails, which are crucial for e-commerce businesses.

These emails, triggered by customer actions like purchases or account updates, are an essential part of the customer experience.

Brevo ensures these emails are delivered reliably, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

Ease of Use

Intuitive User Interface

Brevo prides itself on an intuitive user interface that caters to both beginners and seasoned marketers. The dashboard is cleanly designed, offering clear navigation through various features and tools.

Users can easily find what they’re looking for, whether it’s creating a new email campaign, setting up automation workflows, or accessing detailed analytics. T

his streamlined approach reduces the learning curve associated with new software, allowing teams to get up and running quickly.

Drag-and-Drop Editors

Central to Brevo’s ease of use is its drag-and-drop editors for emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

These editors allow for easy customization without the need for coding knowledge. Users can select elements they want to include, such as images, text boxes, buttons, and more, and simply drag them into their desired position.

This feature is particularly beneficial for creating visually appealing and effective marketing materials with minimal effort.

brevo review

Automation Simplified

Brevo simplifies the process of creating automation workflows, making it accessible even to those new to marketing automation.

The platform provides pre-designed workflow templates that can be customized to fit different marketing strategies.

Users can set up complex customer journeys based on specific triggers and actions without getting overwhelmed by technical details.

Helpful Guides and Support

Understanding that users might need assistance, Brevo offers comprehensive guides and tutorials within the platform.

These resources are designed to help users understand and utilize the full range of features available.

Additionally, Brevo provides responsive customer support to address any issues or questions that may arise, further enhancing the user experience.

Automation Made Accessible

User-Friendly Automation Tools

Brevo simplifies the creation and management of automation workflows, making it approachable even for those new to marketing automation.

The platform offers a visual workflow editor where users can easily design and implement automated sequences.

This visual approach helps users understand the flow of their campaigns and how different triggers and actions connect to create personalized experiences for their audience.

Pre-designed Templates

To further ease the automation process, Brevo provides a range of pre-designed automation templates.

These templates cater to common marketing scenarios, such as welcome series, cart abandonment recovery, and re-engagement campaigns.

Users can select a template that fits their needs and customize it to match their specific goals, reducing the time and effort required to launch effective campaigns.

Segmentation and Personalization

A standout feature in Brevo’s automation capabilities highlighted in this Brevo Review is its advanced segmentation and personalization options.

Users can segment their audience based on various criteria, including behavior, demographics, and past interactions.

This allows for highly personalized automated campaigns that speak directly to the needs and interests of different audience segments, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Integration with Other Features

Brevo’s automation tools are seamlessly integrated with other platform features, such as email marketing, CRM, and landing pages.

This integration ensures that all parts of the marketing funnel work together harmoniously.

For example, users can create an automated workflow that starts with a landing page sign-up, triggers a personalized welcome email series, and follows up based on the recipient’s actions.

Pricing and Plans

Understanding Brevo’s Pricing Structure

Brevo offers a tiered pricing structure designed to accommodate businesses of different sizes and needs.

The platform typically starts with a free or basic plan, which caters to small businesses or individuals just starting.

This entry-level plan often includes fundamental features such as email campaigns, basic automation, and access to limited templates.

As businesses grow and require more sophisticated tools, Brevo provides upgraded plans.

These plans, which vary in price, usually expand on the features offered in the basic plan by including advanced automation capabilities, CRM integration, more extensive analytics, and increased limits for contacts and email sends.

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Detailed Breakdown of Plans

Each plan under Brevo’s umbrella is tailored to different stages of business growth:

  1. Basic Plan: Designed for new marketers or small businesses, this plan offers essential tools to kickstart your digital marketing efforts.
  2. Plus Plan: This mid-tier option introduces more advanced features such as enhanced automation, segmentation, and CRM features, suitable for growing businesses looking to deepen customer engagement.
  3. Professional Plan: Aimed at high-demand users, this plan offers comprehensive tools, including advanced reporting, multi-user access, and extensive automation options.
  4. Enterprise Plan: Customized for large organizations or those with specific needs, this plan offers personalized support, custom integration capabilities, and scalability options.

Additional Costs and Value for Money

It’s crucial to consider any additional costs that may arise outside the standard plan rates. This can include charges for exceeding email send limits, purchasing premium templates, or accessing advanced integration features.

Understanding these potential costs can help businesses budget more effectively and avoid unexpected expenses.

When evaluating the value for money, consider how each plan’s features align with your business needs.

Brevo’s variety of plans means that businesses can select a level of service that matches their current requirements while allowing room for growth.

Email Design and Templates

A crucial element in any digital marketing strategy is the ability to create compelling and visually appealing emails.

In this part of our review, we focus on the platform’s capabilities concerning email design and the variety of templates it offers to users.

Rich Template Selection

Brevo stands out for its extensive library of email templates that cater to various industries and occasions.

Whether you’re crafting a newsletter, a promotional email, or a transactional message, Brevo provides a range of pre-designed templates that can be customized to fit your brand’s identity and messaging needs.

This variety ensures that businesses of all types can find styles that resonate with their audience, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Customization and Flexibility

Beyond the sheer variety, Brevo’s email templates are known for their customization options. Users can easily modify layouts, colors, fonts, and images to create emails that truly represent their brand.

The platform’s drag-and-drop editor further simplifies this process, allowing even those with no coding experience to design professional-looking emails efficiently.

Responsive Design

Understanding the importance of mobile optimization, Brevo ensures that all email templates are responsive.

This means that emails will automatically adjust to fit the screen size of various devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

This feature is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience and ensuring that your messages are effectively communicated, regardless of how your audience accesses them.

Personalization Features

Brevo also emphasizes the importance of personalization in email marketing. The platform allows users to include dynamic content and personalization tags within their emails, making it possible to tailor messages to individual recipients based on their behavior, preferences, and previous interactions.

This level of personalization can significantly increase open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign effectiveness.

Customization and Flexibility

Platform Customization

Brevo stands out for its high degree of customization, allowing users to modify various elements of their marketing campaigns to align with their brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

From the visual appearance of emails and landing pages to the configuration of marketing automation workflows, Brevo provides users with the tools to create a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

The platform’s user interface is designed for ease of use, ensuring that even those with limited technical skills can make detailed customizations without needing to write code.

However, for those who do have coding knowledge, Brevo offers the flexibility to dive deeper into customization with HTML and CSS editing capabilities.

Template Flexibility

A significant part of Brevo’s customization features lies in its extensive template library.

Each template serves as a starting point, which can then be tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Users can add their own images, text, and branding elements, as well as adjust layouts and color schemes to ensure that every campaign reflects their brand identity accurately.

Moreover, Brevo’s templates are designed to be responsive, ensuring that they look great and function well on any device.

This responsiveness is crucial in today’s mobile-first world, where a significant portion of emails and web content is consumed on smartphones and tablets.

Automation Customization

Brevo’s marketing automation tools offer considerable flexibility, enabling businesses to set up custom workflows that align with their sales processes and customer engagement strategies.

Users can define triggers, actions, and conditions based on specific customer behaviors and data, creating personalized customer journeys that increase engagement and conversions.

Integration Capabilities

The review would not be complete without mentioning Brevo’s integration capabilities. The platform can be connected with various third-party applications, including CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and social media networks.

This integration capability allows for a seamless flow of data across tools, enhancing the overall marketing strategy’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Adapting to Business Growth

Lastly, Brevo’s scalability is a testament to its flexibility. The platform caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, and can adapt to changing business needs.

Whether your contact list is growing, your marketing strategy is evolving, or you’re expanding into new markets, Brevo’s features and plans can scale with your business.

Automation and Workflow Capabilities

Sophisticated Automation Tools

Brevo provides sophisticated automation tools that enable businesses to create complex, yet intuitive, marketing workflows.

These tools allow for the automation of repetitive tasks, such as sending out emails based on specific triggers, segmenting contacts into different lists based on their behavior, and scoring leads based on their engagement levels.

By automating these processes, businesses can focus more on strategy and less on the day-to-day running of their campaigns.

Customizable Workflow Creation

One of Brevo’s standout features highlighted in this Brevo Review is its customizable workflow creation. The platform offers a user-friendly interface where users can create their automation workflows using a drag-and-drop editor.

This visual approach makes it easy to design, understand, and modify workflows, even for users without a technical background.

Businesses can set up workflows for a variety of scenarios, including welcome sequences, lead nurturing, customer onboarding, and more.

Personalization and Segmentation

Brevo takes personalization seriously, allowing users to tailor their automation workflows to the specific needs and behaviors of their audience.

Through advanced segmentation features, marketers can divide their audience into distinct groups based on demographics, behavior, and purchase history.

These segments can then be targeted with personalized content and offers, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Conditional Logic and Branching

The platform supports conditional logic and branching within automation workflows, enabling businesses to create more nuanced and responsive marketing strategies.

Depending on how a contact interacts with a campaign, different paths can be triggered, leading to highly personalized customer experiences.

This level of detail in automation helps in nurturing leads more effectively and moving them smoothly through the sales funnel.

Performance Tracking and Optimization

Finally, Brevo offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of automation workflows.

Users can monitor key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.

This data is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of different workflows and for making informed decisions about where to make improvements.

List Management and Segmentation

Effective list management and segmentation are critical for personalized marketing efforts and maintaining healthy customer relationships.

In this part of our Brevo Review, we examine how Brevo addresses these essential aspects of digital marketing, providing users with the tools necessary to manage their contacts efficiently and segment them into targeted groups.

Advanced List Management

Brevo offers robust list management features that make it easy for marketers to organize their contacts.

The platform allows for the importation of contacts from various sources, ensuring that businesses can consolidate their databases into a single, centralized location.

Users can then manage these lists with ease, updating contact information, removing duplicates, and cleaning inactive subscribers to maintain list health and deliverability.

Dynamic Segmentation

The power of Brevo lies in its dynamic segmentation capabilities. Unlike static list segments, dynamic segments in Brevo update automatically based on set criteria, such as user behavior, engagement levels, purchase history, and demographic information.

This means that as new data comes in, segments are continually refreshed to ensure that the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

brevo review

Custom Fields and Tags

Brevo’s segmentation is further enhanced by custom fields and tagging functionality. Users can create custom fields to collect specific information relevant to their business, such as customer preferences, product interests, or membership levels.

Tags can be applied to contacts based on their actions, such as downloading a resource or attending a webinar, providing another layer of granularity to segmentation.

Behavioral Triggers

A standout feature highlighted in this Brevo Review is the platform’s ability to segment contacts based on behavioral triggers.

This includes actions like email opens, link clicks, website visits, and purchase activities.

By segmenting contacts based on these behaviors, businesses can tailor their communications more effectively, leading to higher engagement rates and improved campaign performance.

Segmentation for Personalized Campaigns

Brevo’s segmentation tools are not just for organization; they are directly integrated with the platform’s campaign management features.

This integration allows marketers to create highly personalized email campaigns, automated workflows, and targeted offers that resonate with different audience segments.

Personalization, driven by detailed segmentation, is key to improving customer experiences and driving conversions.

Deliverability and Performance

Email deliverability and overall performance are crucial metrics for any digital marketing platform.

In this section of our review, we evaluate how Brevo ensures that your marketing messages not only reach your audience’s inboxes but also achieve the desired engagement.

Email Deliverability Focus

Brevo places a strong emphasis on email deliverability, employing best practices to ensure high delivery rates.

This includes managing sender reputations, implementing SPF and DKIM records for domain authentication, and providing guidance on maintaining healthy email lists.

Brevo’s proactive approach helps users avoid spam filters and reach their audience effectively, which is essential for successful email marketing campaigns.

Performance Optimization Tools

Understanding the importance of performance in digital marketing, Brevo offers a variety of tools designed to optimize campaigns.

A/B testing features allow users to test different versions of their emails, landing pages, and calls-to-action to determine what resonates best with their audience.

This data-driven approach helps users refine their strategies and improve conversion rates over time.

brevo review

Real-Time Analytics

Brevo provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, giving users immediate insights into the performance of their campaigns.

Metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversions are readily available, enabling marketers to make informed decisions and adjust strategies as needed.

This level of insight is critical for understanding what works and what doesn’t in your marketing efforts.

User Engagement Tracking

In this Brevo Review, it’s important to highlight the platform’s user engagement tracking features.

Brevo tracks how subscribers interact with your emails and website, providing valuable data on user behavior and preferences.

This information can be used to segment audiences more effectively, personalize future communications, and develop content that aligns with your audience’s interests.

ISP Relations and Compliance

Brevo maintains strong relationships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and adheres to email marketing regulations and compliance standards, such as GDPR.

This not only helps in maintaining high deliverability rates but also ensures that users’ marketing practices are in line with legal requirements, protecting both the sender and the recipients.

Integrations and Add-ons

One of the most crucial aspects for modern marketing platforms is their ability to integrate with other tools and services.

In this segment of our review, we will explore the range of integrations and add-ons that Brevo offers, which can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Brevo stands out for its seamless integration with a wide array of third-party applications and services.

This includes popular CRM systems, social media platforms, e-commerce solutions, and more. These integrations allow for a more streamlined workflow, as data can flow freely between Brevo and other tools used by businesses.

This eliminates the need for manual data transfer, reduces the potential for errors, and saves valuable time.

E-commerce and Social Media Enhancements

Particularly noteworthy in this Brevo Review are the platform’s e-commerce and social media integrations.

By connecting Brevo with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, users can automate marketing tasks related to their online stores, such as sending targeted emails based on purchase history or browsing behavior.

Similarly, integrating with social media tools can amplify the reach of campaigns and enable more direct engagement with the audience.

brevo review

Add-ons for Advanced Functionality

Beyond standard integrations, Brevo offers various add-ons to enhance its core functionalities.

These can include advanced reporting tools, additional automation options, or specialized templates.

These add-ons are designed to cater to specific needs and can be a valuable asset for businesses looking to get more from their Brevo experience.

brevo review

Custom API Access

For businesses with unique needs or those looking to create a highly customized marketing ecosystem, Brevo provides access to its API (Application Programming Interface).

This allows for custom integrations and gives businesses the flexibility to connect Brevo with virtually any other software or system they use, provided they have the technical capability to do so.

Support and Documentation

Understanding that integrating different systems can sometimes be complex, Brevo offers extensive support and documentation for its integrations and add-ons.

This includes step-by-step guides, best practices, and troubleshooting tips to help users set up and manage their integrations effectively.

Additionally, Brevo’s customer support team is available to assist with any integration-related questions or issues.

Customer Support and Resources

An essential factor for any service platform is the quality and accessibility of its customer support and educational resources.

This segment of our Brevo Review focuses on evaluating the customer support structure and resources available to Brevo users, ensuring they have the necessary support to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Brevo prides itself on providing comprehensive customer support to address any issues users may encounter.

Support options typically include email support, live chat, and telephone support, ensuring that users can reach out through their preferred communication channel.

The responsiveness and expertise of the customer support team are frequently highlighted, with representatives offering prompt and helpful assistance for a range of issues, from technical glitches to strategic marketing advice.

Extensive Knowledge Base

In addition to direct support, Brevo offers an extensive knowledge base that users can access at any time.

This resource is filled with articles, guides, tutorials, and frequently asked questions covering various topics related to the platform and digital marketing in general.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced marketer seeking advanced strategies, Brevo’s knowledge base is designed to provide valuable information at every skill level.

brevo review

Training and Webinars

As part of their commitment to user education, Brevo frequently hosts webinars and training sessions.

These can range from introductory sessions aimed at new users to deep dives into specific features or marketing strategies.

By participating in these sessions, users can not only enhance their understanding of the platform but also stay updated on the latest marketing trends and best practices.

Community Support

Another significant aspect highlighted in this Brevo formerly Sendinblue review is the platform’s community support.

Brevo encourages users to engage with one another through forums or user groups, providing a space for sharing experiences, asking questions, and offering advice.

This community aspect can be incredibly valuable, especially for small businesses or solo marketers looking for peer support and networking opportunities.

Feedback and Improvement

Brevo is noted for its openness to user feedback. The platform actively encourages users to provide suggestions for improvements or new features.

This commitment to user-driven development not only helps in enhancing the platform but also ensures that it continues to meet the evolving needs of its user base.

Pros and Cons

brevo review

In this section of our review, we will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of using the Brevo platform.

Understanding the pros and cons is essential for businesses to determine whether Brevo aligns with their marketing needs and objectives.

Pros of Brevo

  1. Comprehensive Marketing Suite: Brevo provides a wide array of marketing tools, including email marketing, automation, CRM functionalities, and landing page creation. This all-in-one approach makes it easier for businesses to manage their marketing efforts from a single platform.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for marketers of all skill levels. From creating emails to setting up automation workflows, the process is intuitive and streamlined.
  3. Advanced Segmentation and Personalization: Brevo excels in allowing users to segment their audience and personalize communications effectively. This leads to more targeted marketing efforts and better engagement rates.
  4. Robust Integration Options: As highlighted in this Brevo Review, the platform offers a wide range of integrations with other tools and services, enhancing its functionality and allowing for a more connected marketing ecosystem.
  5. Responsive Customer Support: Brevo provides multiple channels of customer support, including live chat, email, and phone, ensuring users can get help when they need it. The extensive knowledge base and community forums are also valuable resources.

Cons of Brevo

  1. Learning Curve for Advanced Features: While the platform is user-friendly, some users may find there is a learning curve associated with its more advanced features and functionalities.
  2. Pricing for Higher Tiers: For small businesses or startups, the cost of the more advanced plans can be a significant investment. Businesses need to evaluate whether the additional features provided in these plans are necessary for their operations.
  3. Limitations in Free Plan: While Brevo offers a free plan, it comes with limitations in terms of features and capabilities. Businesses with more extensive needs may quickly outgrow this plan.
  4. Email Template Designs: Some users might find the email template designs limited or not as modern as those offered by competitors. This can impact the visual appeal of marketing campaigns.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Although Brevo provides analytics, some users may find the reporting features less comprehensive compared to specialized analytics platforms.

In conclusion, this review illustrates that while Brevo offers a robust set of tools and features beneficial for various marketing strategies, it is not without its limitations.

Businesses should weigh the pros and cons in the context of their specific needs, budget, and marketing goals to determine if Brevo is the right choice for their digital marketing platform.

brevo review

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